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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is the complete cost of a 'Simple Cremation' ?
A. Our complete cost is $850.00

Q. What is included in the $850.00 charge?
A. Included are the:
* Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
* Medical Examiners cremation permit
* Securing the death certificate with the doctor, and filling
it with the registar in the county where the death occurred.
* Cremation container for the deceased
* Crematory's fee to cremate
* Plastic urn for the cremains.

Q. If I choose a 'Simple and Direct Cremation' must a person be embalmed?
A. No, embalming is not required.

Q. Must I purchase a casket or urn?
A. No, a casket is not required, although our $850.00 fee
includes a cremation container and plastic urn for the cremains.

Q. Can I pre-arrange and pre-pay for this service?
A. Yes, you may. All our pre-paid services are deposited in full and placed in a 'Guaranteed Trust' with Comerica bank of Detroit.

Q. What if I change my mind and would like my money refund?
A. No problem, 90% of your funds deposited will be refunded, no questions asked.

Included in our Simple Cremation Grouping for $850.00, is the first 25 miles in the *transfer of Remains to the Funeral Home after which there is a one-time charge of $2.50 per one way loaded mile.

If this charge applies, We sincerely believe that our grand total is still substantially less than that of certain cremation societies and local funeral firms.


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